Andrew Swan has completed his comprehensive history of the Port Road which the Association is publishing along with the Caledonian Railway Association and Lightmoor Press.  The book is available through us, please see the home page for ordering details.
The Association has produced a large number of publications, including a series of Profiles, copies of original documents and timetables as well as the major work - the G&SWR Album.  Please refer to the individual pages for further details.
In addition the Annual Journal (free to members along with quartterly Newsletter) is available to non mermbers to buy.
Index of articles in the Journal:-

Journal  1

Manson Greenock bogies including drawings

G&SWR steamers

Room for 2 Inchgreen accident

Engineering notes

Princes Pier line inc gradient drawings and plan

G&SWR classification and renumbering

Modellers notes

Proposed railways of Kintyre

Journal  2

The 221 class including drawing and poem

Signalling on SW

My career on the sou west

Drawing of 3rd class 7 comp bogie coach

Mauchline and standard sw station bldg drawings

Glasgow Fair 1914

Memories of Princes Pier in its last days

Smokeys ramblings


Journal  3 

Turnberry road memories

The ghost

129 and the 128 class

Barrhead os map and stations

Proposed railways of Kintyre 2

Elderslie drawings

Dumfries locoshed drawing

Pinmore station drawings


Journal  4

Trouble at Turnberry

SW Steamers

Twelve Apostles 240 class

440 Lord Glenarthur

North Johnstone goods shed

Railways of Central Ayrshire

The Ayr and Cumnock railway

Princes Pier loco working

Renumbering of G&SWR locos by LMS


Journal  5

Lord Glenarthur

The Whithorn branch

The Moniaive branch

Gatehead signal box – drawings and map

The Twelve apostles

 A & C WTT 1877

Muirkirk and OS Map

Recollections of Currock shed 1916-19

Renumbering of G&SWR locos by LMS 2


Journal  6

All on a January morning – recollections from 1930s – diversions due to bridgeworks at Irvine

The 50 class  060 tender

Sou west memories

Ayr good depot –modelling old Ayr terminus

Stranraer to Larne

The Inchgreen accident Greenock

The Baltics

Kilmarnock Works 1919-1922

Saltcoats Summers

G&SWR trains and motive power 1905

Unbolting the stable door Glengall asylum


Journal  7

Drummond 062Ts

Sou west steamers in LMS

The Kirkcudbright branch including os map

Dumfries – Stranraer WTT 1913

PS Juno

Renumbering of G&SWR locos by LMS 3

Outdoor Machinery


Journal  8

Switch out Pinmore

Clockmakers of the SW

On a diesel in deluge

Token exchange on the SW

Token exchange Appendix

Largs good shed

An Ayrshire weekend

More SW Memories

Kilmarnock works engine

Renumbering of G&SWR locos by LMS 4


Journal  9

Ardrossan 1923-30

Slowly to Largs

Token exchange on the SW

Accommodation bridge

5X Jubilees  on the SW

Smellie 153 class

Nith Valley

G&SWR Sources

Education G&SWR Style

Gilmilnscroft incident


Journal   10

 Night soil sidings

Ardrossan wartime freight

5X on Sou west (Jubilees)

LMS semaphore St Enoch

Elderslie track plan and signal cabin plans

Smellie 22 class

Hurlford 1923

Mainly Saltcoats

Caley Dilemma


Journal  11

 Section signal boxs

8 ton open wagon drawing

Locomotive water troughs

Maidens and Dunure line

Saltcoats 1928

Ayrshire branch lines

8 ton general merchandise wagon

040 st 14 class

Caley dilemma


Journal  12

 Memories of Princes Pier

Princes Pier loco workings 1955-65

Houston Croslee station inc track plan and drawings

Weighing a Baltic

Drummond 131 class 440 tender

Bygone inner suburban services

Falkland Jct smash 1919

An Ulsterman in Scotland

No 8 and 336 classes 440

Model kits


Journal  13

 When I was young

Waterside station and drawings

What’s in a  name?

Hurlford 1923

Memories – porter /signal boy

Proposed Largs loop

Outdoor machinery moves south

A Caley man on the G&SWR

No 11 440 tender loco and diagrams

Ayrshire and Cumnock line

Cunarder boat train Greenock


Journal  14

Maidens and Dunure line

The late John Thomas

Tales of the sou west

Glasgow and Paisley Joint loocs

GB&K locos

Stirling 440 tender locos  - drawings

Ardrossan in WW2

Manson 040 T

Old sou west signalling

Signal box closures

War time trips over Nith valley

Modelling the Sou west

Dalry and North Johnstone loop

Fairlie Pier shed drawing

Kilbarchan station drawings and track plan


Journal  15

Down on the springs

Hurlford shed 1920

Memories of an engineering apprenticeship on the sou west

The first of the planets

Drummond 279 060 tender loco plans

Dalry to Kilmarnock line

Currock loco shed Carlisle

Signal box closures


Journal  16

 21 years of the Association

Fairlie Pier Locoshed

The early Ardrossan line

100 years of South Beach station

Proposed Glasgow Motherweell and Sanquhar Railway

G&SWR railmotors


Loading gauges

Drawings and photos track and signalling Largs


Journal  17

 Ayr – Irvine opening 1939

The day the train arrived in Largs

St Enoch accident 1903

Notes of a journey to Whithorn 1919

The Princes Pier branch 1939-45

Lanarkshire specials to the Clyde coast

Drawings – Johnstone signal box

Catrine station

306 class 060 tender


Journal  18

 Recollections of Sou west

List of turntables

Horse vehicle drawings

Nobels branch Ardeer

40 years of Ardrossan motive power

Board of trade signalling reports 1902-09


Journal  19

Eglinton st  station

Turnberry branch

The Busby line

Recollections of Sou west part 2

Drawings – 14 class 060t

Dreghorn station

Turnberry bathing coach

Drawings of signalling components


Journal  20

The Busby branch 2

A G&SWR poet

Manson 460 proposed rebuilds

Headlamp codes

A trip to Ardrossan 1846

Recollections of the SW  part 3

Drawings – 460 – 381 class

Portpatrick timber wagon

Portpatrick engine shed and water tower

Standard signalling components 2


Journal   21 

The Cairn Valley lt railway

Memories of SW steamers in LMS days

Snow on the SW 1940

The Stirling steam reverser

Stopover in Galloway 1

Drawings Manson 361 class 060 tender

Moniaive station building

Signalling components 3


Journal  22

Smellies wee bogies – 440

Poem SawneyMcGraw

Snow 1940 part 2

Cairn valley  inc track diagrams and goods shed drawings


GPK and AR goods wagon

Stopover in Galloway 2

A day to be remembered

Buddicom on the Glasgow and Paisley


Journal  23

Stopover in Galloway 3

The Bughts 3rd class carriages

Breakfast and tea car no 2 inc drawing

Snow in SW Scotland 1947

Last train to Turnberry

Manson of the SW

Drawings 160 class


 Journal 24

Holidays 1949

Haulage to troon

Track diagrams of the PP & W

Foreign locos on the sou west (LMS)

Running powers

First and last tank engines on the SW

Annual Accounts

G&SWR 222 WT no 159

GPK&AR 2nd class coach 1839

PP&W signal cabin 1889


 Journal  25

Splendour of Princes Pier inc track plan and part drawing

Princes Pier centenary

Automatic vacuum brake

Fatal accident near Gatehouse of Fleet

Aspects of G&SWR wagons

Hurlford letter book 1910


Where they went wrong

Holidays 1949

Traders wagons on the sw


Journal  26

Addison and Gardner locos of Wigtownshire Railway

G&SWR Block instrument

Struggle to Shilford

A Railway servant

Maryport and Carlisle loco no 18

Drawing of Thornhill station

Hurlford letter book 1910 part 2

Drawing GPK and A First class coach 1839


 Journal  27

St Enoch loco diagrams

Section clear but station blocked

Bridge parapets

SLS G&SWR Centenary dinner

Ballast plough and wagon

Battle royal (steamers)

Coaching stock numbering

Ayr – Stranraer first impressions

Horseboxes including diagrams


Journal  28

Goods and mineral traffic

Dumfries station hotel

Battles royal (steamers) 2

Mogul or crab

In search of the Kilmarnock and Troon

Stranger on the SW – no 10000 LMS Diesel

Drawing of GPK and A coach


Journal  29

Lord Glenarthur 394 recollections and Technical notes – and drawing

Lord Glenarthur – the man

RH Whitelegg

Proposed Kilmacolm to Largs railway

Stuart 220 GPKand A locomotive

A family at Sorbie  part 1

G&SWR private owners wagons


Journal  30

 Sorbie station part 2

Stuart – Bury 220 of GPK&AR part 2

Saltcoats accident 1906

Lord Glenarthur train logs

Ayr express in 1930s

Peter Drummond

Coach brakes


Journal  31

 1840s timetable of Ayr line

Early railway timekeeping

Drummond 440s traffic 1936

Plan of Irvine works

Apprentics in S & T dept LMS

Piers and harbours statistics

Whitelegg 442T 1920 proposed

Sorbie station in ww2

Plan of Kilmacolm signal cabin and track layout


 Journal  32

 The Apprentices story part 2

Additional notes Irvine works

Railway reminiscences 1934 – 39

Notes on photograph of 060 367

Working over the sou west

Graignair aerial ropeway Dalbeattie

Troon stations

Ayr and Troon harbours


Journal  33

 Poem The Old South Western

Railways of Greenock

Drivers description Glasgow to Kilmarnock via Dalry

Stranraer and Girvan harbours

Mid Victorian Mails


Journal  34

 Introducing G&SWR coaching stocks

Places on the G&SWR in 1851

Kilmarnock to Bank Junction footplate memories

Sorbie station accident to crane

Preservation of G&SWR No 9

Glasgow St Enoch signal box


Journal  35 

Proposed railways of Kintyre

Beith engine shed

Baltic tanks

PP&W handover

Fireman’s remininsences 1940s 50s

Prestwick stations

Footplate memories main line


Journal  36

Proposed amalgamation Greenock prospective

Auchlin model

Railway bookstalls

P Drummonds proposed 460   + drawing

Manson dining carriage No 1 + drawing

Kilmarnock and Troon line services 1960s – 90s


Journal  37

 Freight business 1910

Shunting at Stevenston 1880

In the steps of the sScottish loco engineers

Lin description Thornhill to Dumfries

G&SWR motor ambulances 1917


Journal  38

 G&SWR steamers in LMS Days

Early Ayrshire railways and waggonways

Whiteleggs legacy on G&SWR

Found items Closeburn station

Government control of the railways 1914 – 21

Typists at College goods yard WW1

G&SWR Ayrshire lines


Journal  39


Great war roll of honour and war memorial

Smellie 060 diary of duties 1925-26

Princess Victoria sinking 1953

Greenock line 1869-1891

Perth – Ayr goods 1923

Paisley Canal line bridge


Journal  40

 Lost and found

G&SWR main line 1939-47 part 2

Montgreenan station

460 on G&SWR and Caledonian sections

Freight services on the Greenock line

Tunnels and vent shafts


Journal 41

The Battle of Hurlford 1922

The Tale of a Railway Season Ticket

Poem - No return tickets from Heaven

Accident data to classes of Staff

LMS Stores Train 1930

Greenock Princes Pier - rumours in 1923

G&SWR Locomotives and rolling stock 1880

The humble low goods wagon

Greenock Lyndoch Goods Depot and plans


Journal 42


Editorial 25 years

Peter Drummond tender locomotives part 1

Legalities and running powers

James Stirling 040 65 class

G&SWR coach survivors at 1953

Potterhill and Barrhead branch

drawings of 65 class and Barrhead Central station



 Journal 43
The Saltcoats sea wall
R H Whitelegg
Cask wagons of the G&SWR, NBR nad CR
Dumfries Station Award - Keep Scotland Beautiful
Manson's single bogie eight wheel tender
G&SWR Audit Dept - Summer Outings
The Perils of Peter Drummon Part 2
Journal 44
James Manson versatile engineer
Runaway accident at Greenock 1924
1916 Report - engines out of use
James Manson 16 and 17 class
G&SWR gradient post and arms
Clyde Steamer - Turkish Fleet 1890s
James Manson Steam Railmotor No 3
Journal 45
Manson 4-6-0
G&SWR electrification plans
Journal 46
PS Neptune and Mercury
Barasie Collision 1898
Racks and Ruthwell stations
Manson 128 class
Doura Mineral Railway
Ibrox and Govan branch