Modelling the Glasgow and South Western Railway
Coming soon - G&SWR freight kits
A gauge O kit of a G&SWR 6 ton cattle van will be launced at Telford in Autumn 2015 - £50 - see this site and the G&SWR Newsletter for more details.
Covered van to come soon too.
Currently there are kits for the Drummond 45 class 0-6-2T locomotive produced by Mercian Models in 4mm and 7mm
DJH used to produce a kit for the 361 class 4-6-0 with bogie tender in 4mm scale - no longer produced this is a sought after kit!
Agenoria produce a kit of a 040ST Peckett locomotive - the G&SWR used one at Ayr harbour
The Association produced a kit for the 8 Class 440 in 4mm sadly it is no longer available and we no longer have the moulds
We produced a 7mm kit for the Drummond 45 class 0-6-2T and also the 336 Greenock Bogie 4-4-0.  These were very popular and most were snapped up with pre-orders.  We do not have any more kits available.
 Just Like the Real Thing produces several variations of Manson  bogie coaches.
The Furness Model Company produce a van kit in 7mm


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